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W H O   W E   A R E
Jonathan Wearne began working as a landscaper in Melbourne in the late 70's.
Early projects were based largely around swimming pool design and construction.
This led to gaining many skills as a specialist pool tiler, paver and became well known in the trade for his expertise with water features and rockwork. In 1986, Remarkable Landscapes was established and soon developed a reputation for innovative design and expert craftsmanship.
W H A T   W E   D O
We enhance lifestyles and add value to property. We are all about great results for our customers. Experience is often the key to finding the right design solution without blowing the budget.
We can build anything to the highest standards but finding the right balance is essential.
We get a lot of satisfaction from creating an excellent result on budget.
We do all our own work in house including design, carpentry, stonemasonry, paving, earthmoving, water features, wrought iron and of course, planting.
W H Y   C H O O S E   U S
Landscaping encompasses an endless variety of possibilities. A landscaper requires a diverse range of skills. This is the edge that sets us apart.
The unique combination of knowledge, artistry and experience that we bring can only be found in a seasoned operator. After 35 years Jonathan still enjoys the challenges that each project presents and takes pride in his ability to work with his clients to create results that consistently surpass expectations.